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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Card designs grand reveal

This is a special post, and some special Real TV Wisdom drawings. I've been scouring the land of digitally available video material on the theme of culinary Christmas for the past few weeks trying to find my favourite celebrity chef christmas soundbites (and expressions). The results are the below Christmas card designs which I will be sending out to a special list of people, and will also selling a limited number of packs in the soon to be launcehd REal TV Wisdom Shop. Exciting times isn't it?

If you think you should be one of the select people (you might be already) or if you're interested in buying a pack, feel free to pop me a comment, or an email, or shout really really loud (I might hear you).
Quote from Heston's Christmas Feast, originally aired 18.12.2009 on Channel 4. I really hope Heston does another one of these this year, where a group of celebrities sit in a souped up grotto and make soundbites about the magic of Christmas whilst intercut with scientific experiments and visits to the middle east. 

 From Jamie's Best Ever Christmas, aired 20.12.10 again on Channel 4. Poor Jamie, knowing that his best Christmas and best gravy are forever behind him now.
This is from Nigel Slater's 12 Tastes of Christmas from last year 14.12.12 on BBC One. It took me forever to draw that Christmas Jumper! I love Nigel, love his expressions and his suppers, although I do get him confused with that other posh one with the garden. 

From a way back, this is Nigella Express Season's Eatings 10.12.2007. I watched a LOT of Nigella Christmas clips, but this just summed it up for me, I'd like a little Nigella Christmas Fairy to say calming things, and innuendos to bring peace and tranquility to the holiday season. She's a bit like Attenborough to me, just a very calming televisual presence. I have to say I drew this and sent to the printers before the recent media interest in Nigella's personal life, which may give a somewhat different reading of the meaning of this card. To which I echo Nigella's no comment.

Looking forward to this years Seasonal Cookery Programming. 

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